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2013 fwd


photo by marco microbi

In 2012, an exclusive Hypnobeat live set for Serendip in Paris marked James Dean Brown's first solo appearance since more than 20 years under his former alias.


What was supposed to be a one-off event turned out to become a distinctive statement in the name of the groove and mechanical skills. In fact, the sequel introduced a new, exciting line-up: a year later, James Dean Brown and Helena Hauff played a live world premiere at Serendip Festival in Paris again. Their 2nd, stunning performance at Berghain in the course of CTM Festival Berlin optionally "killed the 6.1 system" or "saved the night". Rumour has it that seismic activities have been recorded.


Past and forthcoming events:

14.10.12 Festival Serendip #3 (JDB solo), Gare XP, Paris | flyer | programFB
05.10.13 Festival Serendip #4, Le Soft, Paris | flyer | RAFB
30.01.14 CTM Festival, Berghain, Berlin | flyer | RAFB
19.04.14 Grundlos Glücklich (Happy Without Reason), ://about blank, Berlin | flyer | RAFBsoundcheck
28.06.14 Les Siestes Électroniques, Compans-Caffarelli Public Park, Toulouse |
26.07.14 Écoutes au Vert, Motel Campo, Geneva | flyer | RAFBrecording
25.10.14 Insomnia Festival, Driv, Tromsø | flyer | flyer | RAFB
07.11.14 Hartzine présente Bleak Future 001, Petit Bain, Paris |
flyer | flyer | RAFB
07.03.15 SAVE Festival, Arma/Tryokhgornaya Manufaktura, Moscow |
flyer | RAFB
24.04.15 Intonal Festival, Inkonst, Malmö | flyer | RAFB
25.04.15 Intonal Spaziale (JDB solo), Kontxt, Malmö | FB
18.07.15 Rural Festival, Mountain Park Tsunan, Niigata, Japan | flyer | RAFB
08.08.15 (808 Day) Krake Festival, Urban Spree, Berlin | flyer | RAFB
01.04.16 Arma Labelnight, OHM, Berlin | flyer | RAFB
19.08.17 Atonal Festival, Kraftwerk, Berlin | program | RAFB
07.10.17 Kaiku, Helsinki | flyer | RAFBlivestream
30.11.17 Boiler Room – "Into the Dark", Vienna | flyerlivestream
12.01.18 Dark Entries, Säule/Berghain, Berlin (JDB solo) | flyer | RAFB
02.02.18 Mmodemmnight, Ost-Stern, Frankfurt a.M. (JDB solo) | flyer | FB
02.06.18 Arma X, Berlin (JDB solo) | flyer | FB






video by Udo Boll

Between 1984 and 1987, Hypnobeat played live performances in Berlin, Frankfurt, Moers Jazz Festival 1985, Wiesbaden, Antwerp (Club Moral), Arnhem (AVE Festival), and other places where they shared live stages with Z'EV, Die Form, Borbetomagus, Vidna Obmana, among others.

There is an ancient lo-fi video document from 1984 which anticipates a kind of rhythmic energy that would be denoted Techno a few years later. Romulus Coeurque and Porn Flake operated various synchronized rhythm machines, tapes and effects, Pietro Insipido and Pink Elln added electronic percussion. After the intro track, the Hypnobeat "Prototech" approach becomes apparent for at least a bit more than a minute, starting at 06'39":


The excerpt has been filmed with a Punk attitude on VHS at GEMINOX Underground Festival, Frankfurt University on June 15th, 1984. The two days event, presenting music, films, videos and performance art, had been organized by Inka Gecco and cultural impresario Walter E. Baumann (r.i.p.).

Further participants included Club Moral (Antwerp), Der Plan (Duesseldorf), Exit Out (Hanover), Idiots Savants (Amsterdam), Mike Hentz (Lyon), Non Toxique Lost (Mainz) and NTH (Berlin), and a lot more.

After all there is a Walkman recording of the complete 3-tracks Hypnobeat live set of 35 minutes length two tracks of which are available for download.