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photo: marco microbi

Provocative Percussion

Rooted in the concept of a "neo-tribal" approach; reducing electronics to the emotional, hypnotic rhythm core, James Dean Brown founded Hypnobeat in 1983. Affected by the energy and the emotional impact of polyrhythms, their live sets turned out to become machine improvisations centered around the inimitable sound of the Roland TR-808 plus a wide range of analog gear including up to six synchronized rhythm machines.

In 2012 Hypnobeat retransformed from its successor Narcotic Syntax (Perlon) with an exclusive live solo performance of James Dean Brown in Paris. Now 2013 sees the exciting new evolution of Hypnobeat with Helena Hauff joining the project. Available for live shows consisting of 1 x TR-707 + 3 x TR-808 (+ 2x TB-303) + an array of effects, Hypnobeat is resurrected.


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